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Real Name: Dobromir Uzunov


Gender: Male

Country: I`m from Bulgaria, live in Germany atm.

Occupation: Hello my name is Dobormir.I`m Bulgarian nationality but for the last two years living in Germany.i was one year in the univerity studying mechanical engineering.In my free time I play WOW or watch movies on TV to learn more German.
I like to take a walk with friends talking about everyday live. I`m funny person, I love to laugh with people around me.

Character Information:

Character Name: Uzunov

Class: Hunter (Worgen)

Main Spec: Survival (OS: Beast Master for now)

I use this talants and glyphs for PVE:

TIER 1 > Crouching Tiger,Hidden Chimera - i use this atm. Sometimes i change it with Posthaste for some movement encounter when need it.
TIER 2 > Silencing Shot - I use this atm. Change it with Binding Shot use on Wild of Emperors.
TIER 3 > Aspect of the Iron Hawk - Use it atm.
TIER 4 > Fervor or Thrill of the Hunt.I use Fervor for many situacion, TotH i use it on Elegon to kill spark fast and to help another players too. Both are good I change
them deppendes of fight. Use Dire Beast on my BM spec as default.
TIER 5 > A Murder of Crows is my default. Change it with Blink Strike on Elegon.
TIER 6 > Glaive Toss is my default too.Change it with Barrage for some more AOE situacion.

Glyph of Deterrence - Increases the damage reduction granted by Deterrence by 20%, less damage taken = happy healers. :)
Glyph of Animal Bond - Another for the Healer Glyph.
Glyph of Liberation - Must have.

Professions: Engineering and Tailoring

Armory Link:


How well can you play it: I`m good player and play well with Hunter, I join to WoW game since Cataclysm i did not play it before.
because i did not have PC or

Are you a clicker: NO!!!

Raiding, progress and activity:

I`m play WOW since Cataclysm. I started it in Megatheridon EU Alli side,but there are few raiging guilds.After that i deside to change my realm
and join to Neptulon EU A side, because there are alot of bulgarians and i can learn alot of things there.So on Neptulon i have change alot of bulgarian Guilds
my experiance in Cataclysm was :

Blackwing Descent: 3/6 Normal
BoT: 2/4 Normal
TFW: 2/2 Normal
FL: 6/7 Normal (i made this progress with my warrior and mage)
DS: 8/8 Normal , 6/8 HC ( I play with my Warrior there because nobody need a hunter :( bad days)

on MoP:
MV: 6/6 Normal, 2/6 HC
HOF: 5/6 Normal, 1/6 HC
TES: 4/4 Normal
ToT: 3/12 Normal 25m

All with my main worgen hunter.

Chalenge mode: 1 bronze
RBG raiting : 1599 on Cataclysm

I`m Guild Master of the casual Pack of Wolves - Neptulon EU Alli side with my warrior
I was RAID Leader there since last week i just give up because we change like 10 tanks/dps and i always teach people
who can not learn what to do and every week i must explane tactics for the same players.
The reason i give up is an offer from Guild - Brainstorm - Neptulon EU Alli side to try 25 raid group, but they decide to go 10 man group and I`m
looking for guild who make 25man raids.

System Infomation:

System specification:
Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E8400(6M Cache, 3.00 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB)
RAM 4GB DDR3 1333mhz Corsair
Video ATI HD4870 1GB DDR5
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

FPS: 30-100

Contact: skype - tom_cruise8102 or real ID > UZUNOV#2827
thank you for your time
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