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|About you|

Name: Dario
Location: Croatia
A short summary of you as a person and what you do: At the moment working at home in the orchard since i paused college
Why do you raid, and what’s your goal in game: I raid to improve my skill try new methods make better progress and have fun, my goal in world of warcraft is too kill every boss in the game on all modes

|About your character|

Spec and why you chose those talents: Feral Tank and Dps because i played druid every expansion as a healer and i had enough of that spec and since i do not like casters i prefer melee dps or taking a good beating.
Professions and why: Jewelcrafting and mining. To make money of course .
Why have you picked your specific glyphs, gems and reforging: For maximum survival and dpsing

Any alts: No, better to master one class and gear it for the ultimate challenges


HP 6830s laptop


What guilds have you been in before, and why did you leave them: Kamatari a friendly guild mostly of my irl friends, and i didnt leave them yet but will cause most of them quit wow and we cant raid anymore
If you’re applying while in a guild, what’s your reason for leaving: no guild activity
Tell us about your progression, if you’ve killed bosses in previous expansions, please include that : DS 10 3/8 hc 8/8 normal ICC 12/12 (10man) 11/12 (25man) - raided ICC on jaedenar with my tauren druid Lycanthorp
|The guild|

We use mumble to communicate, and require you to have a working microphone, will this be a problem for you: No
We raid 4 times a week (Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday, 19:15-23:00) will you be able to attend these days, and is there anything that can interfere: Mostly not but on some occasion extended work at home
How did you find us?: Wow general chat
Do you know anyone in the guild?: No
Why did you choose to apply to DaD: Did not find any other guild that could progress in MoP or current expansion and you are not req some crazy stuff like every day at least 8h online or some other crazy stuff i have seen in some applies for guild that wanna be hardcore which they will never be.
We use group loot, but we want our members to think of the group by, for example, passing an item for the greater good. How do you feel about this?: Any other system loot is stupid, Kamatari always had group loot and i do not mind passing to gear someone up.

If you feel there’s anything we’ve left out or anything you want to mention, feel free to do that here:
I think you have covered it all